Information on subscribing “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link”, Registering with the Family Health Service online membership programme


Information on subscribing “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link”, Registering with the Family Health Service online membership programme

  1. “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link” are health promotion e-mail service systems targeted at parents with children under 6 years of age, parents-to-be and their families.
  2. By subscribing “Parent-Child e-Link” or “Pregnancy e-link” of the online membership programme of Family Health Service (FHS) of the Department of Health (DH), you will receive the required health information and messages at your e-mail account regularly.
  3. How to subscribe
    • You can subscribe “Parent-Child e-Link” and / or “Pregnancy e-link” in two ways:
    • Sign up Online:
    • Sign up at registering with the Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs):
      • Signing up by this route, you will receive e-mail notification of “successful registration” and subscribed health information and message within 14 days of your registration at MCHCs.
      • Follow the instruction on the e-mail of “successful registration” to login the system and change the password of your account.
  4. Contents of the information
    • The content of “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link” are the work of the FHS of DH. Through these health promotion e-mail service systems, DH delivers health information and message regularly to your e-mail account.
    • DH commissioned an independent contractor to provide the health promotion e-mail service systems. These systems issue e-mail of health promotion message regularly from the date of registration until the end of the respective service or the subscriber unsubscribes the service (whichever is earlier).
  5. How we use the personal information you provide
    • “Parent-Child e-Link” or “Pregnancy e-link” requires you to provide personal information (such as email address, etc.) when you register and subscribe with the system. This information is not sufficient to identify the user. If you sign up at registration with MCHCs, “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link” systems also collect the MCHC registration number for verifying the e-mail account
    • The information you provided when you sign up, including the e-mail account and the related MCHC registration number, will be removed from the system 60 days after the e-mail service you subscribed ends or you unsubscribe the e-mail service.
    • The e-mail service system of “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link” record the access to the e-mail and the visits to the links on FHS website without collecting any personally identifiable information of users. Such general statistics are collected for the compilation of statistical reports and the diagnosis of problems with or concerning computer systems to help DH improve this website.
    • Registration information for “Parent-Child e-Link” or “Pregnancy e-link” will be handled by the contractor in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
    • For different purposes and at different times you may be invited to provide personal data to FHS of DH through these e-mail service systems on a voluntary basis. Personal information may include name, telephone number, mailing address or e-mail address. DH will specify the collection purpose and intended usage of your data when it invites you to provide such information and advise you how you may request access to or correction of the personal data provided.
    • FHS of DH is concerned to ensure that all personal data submitted through this website are handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Unless permitted or required by law, the Government will not disclose your personal data to any third parties, other than the independent contractor, without your prior consent.
  6. How you can check and change your registration information
    • You can click the link on the e-mail of “Parent-Child e-Link” and / or “Pregnancy e- link” or relevant links on the main page of FHS to access the main page of the respective system to check and change the registration information.
    • The system of “Parent-Child e-Link” and “Pregnancy e-link” is separated from the other information systems of DH. Users of MCHC service should always provide the update personal information to the staff of MCHCs or related service directly to ensure they can receive the appropriate service.
  7. How you can stop receiving e-mails from “Parent-Child e-Link” or “Pregnancy e-link”
    • You can click the relevant link on the e-mail of “Parent-Child e-Link” or “Pregnancy e-link”, or access the main page of the respective system on the FHS main page, to unsubscribe.
    • The e-mail service system stops issuing e-mail to your e-mail account 24 hours after you unsubscribe the service.
    • You can choose to resume subscription using the same registration account by accessing the main page within 60 days after you unsubscribe the e-mail service.

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